Hey guys!
You will not hear a lot from me or @jordii-alba because we are going to London! I hope you all have a nice week!

Yay it’s gonna be so much fun!! We’ll try and upload pics everyday :)

{Life Ruiners} Tom Hiddleston




if ur hair covers ur boobs u have mermaid hair and u are a mermaid i dont make the rules

As a man with a hairy chest, I was very, very confused by this post for about ten seconds.

You are a mermaid, sir


This caught me off guard and I probably laughed harder than I should have, omg. 


This caught me off guard and I probably laughed harder than I should have, omg. 

som la gent blaugrana


Football is basically like dating except more painful and instead of dating one person you date an entire team


I wish I was pretty but like actually pretty, not “my friends and family think I’m pretty because they’re my friends and family” pretty


i don’t care how a child is dressed or how mature their body is, they are a CHILD and they don’t need to be sexualized. thanks


things i wanna do w/u:

  • get milkshakes at a cute fifties place
  • splash in the street during a storm
  • take pictures of flowers and cool plants
  • kiss & hug in the ocean
  • play cards by candlelight
  • sew couple cosplays
  • overthrow the government probably

i just want perfect skin and hair and teeth and body proportions and endless supplies of money and intelligence is that too much to ask for

I’ve said it before and I’ll always say it: The doors to Barcelona will always be open to Xavi. I saw him today, I gave him a hug, and what better news was there to hear that he would stay for us for another year. This is his home, this is his team, and number 6 is his number.
- Andoni Zubizarreta (via blaugr4na)


I feel so proud when friends tell me their parents like me. Like damn right they do, I am a delight.






phrases like “i’ll be the distraction you go on ahead without me” generally do not have a tendency to end well

"i’ll catch up with you" no. no you probably won’t

"we’ll talk about this later" there is no later

"it’ll be alright" not for you since you just said that and doomed yourself